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PIR Motion Sensor Modul

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Infrarot Bewegungssensor (PIR) Modul. Empfindlichkeit und Schaltdauer über zwei Potis einstellbar




Highly integrated module popularly used for entry detection, it complies with microcontroller or DC loads.


  • Input Voltage: DC 4.5-20V
  • Static current: 50uA
  • Output signal: 0,3V or 5V (Output high when motion detected)
  • Sentry Angle: 110 degree
  • Sentry Distance: max 7 m
  • Shunt for setting overide trigger: H - Yes, L - No


Simple, easy to adopt in system

There are two adjustable potentiometer on the module, you can use them to change the trigger sensitivity and the duration of the trigger signal


Please visit the Iteadstudio wiki page for more info about this product. It will be appreciated if you can help us improve the documents by correcting the errors, adding more demo codes or tutorials.


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