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Flower-SOIC ProtoBoard-MEGA Shield

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Einzigartige Prototyping Platinen mit Lötpads in Form einer Blume (daher Flower Board :)) Und das bringt einige Vorteile!  Verschiedene SMD Bauformen können  problemlos aufgelötet werden. Die Pads können mit sehr wenig Lötzinn miteinander verbunden werden.

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Arduino Stackable Header Kit



This version is Flower Series to support SOIC chip. Many of people suggest us add SOIC support. Such as Foxx D'Gamma said:support SMD and SOIC layouts for component adapters. Perhaps a PCB that will line up with the legs of a SOIC Chip but break away and line up with the pads of a Flower protoboard so you can lay the two on top of your board and do a quick solder-tack to get it in place and electrically connected to the board.

Black Flower ProtoBoard

Flower SOIC Now let's introduce this product to you. Flower 2.4 is a Arduino MEGA compatible proto shield. This is a very simple but handy, double sided perf board. Standard 2.54mm(100mil) spaced holes for DIP component soldering. Great for quickly prototyping stackable circuits.

The really neat thing about this board is every pad like a flower. That is why we named it flower serials. Because of this unique pad shape,the Flower protoboard has some new features compare with traditional protoboard. You can solder SMT component. Include 0402, 0603, 0805,SOT-23 and so on. It is hard to use point-to-point wiring on traditional protoboard, and very waste solder. But now, you can do it easily on our flower protoboard. Even needless to practice. After testing we found that point-to-point wiring on Flower protoboard requires only less than half of the solder on traditional protoboard.

Flower SOIC


  • Flower-shaped pad
  • Arduino MEGA compatible
  • Standard 2.54mm(100mil) spaced holes
  • 1mm Hole size
  • Black PCB
  • Easy to use point-to-point wiring, need less solder







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