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Reprap PCB Heatbed MK2a

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Beheiztes Druckbett 12V, 214x214mm für RepRap 3D Drucker. 2 LED und Vorwiderstand sind mit im Lieferumfang und müssen noch eingelötet werden.



A central mounting hole on the front side to allow for three point mounting. This is much easier for bed leveling in comparison to 4 point mounting. First level the side with two holes and fix in place, then level the side with one hole. A glass plate is highly recommended to provide a truly flat surface and rigidity

The pads to solder onto have been greatly increased as shown in the picture below. The picture shows the wires prepared for soldering routed through the holes for extra security. This does not remove the need to use proper strain relief.

Tech specs heat bed MK2A

  • Dimensions 214mmx 214mm
  • Laminate FR4 1.6+-0.15mm
  • 2 layer, 35μm copper
  • Red Soldermask - both sides
  • White Silkscreen - both sides
  • Power Input: 12Vdc
  • copper plated holes



  • 1 x PCB Heatbed
  • 2 x LEDs
  • 1 x 1K ohm Resistor



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