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I2C 24 Port Expander CH423

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This IO expansion board based on the CH423 chip extends 24 digital ports via I2C, including 8 GPIOs with interrupt functions and 16 GPOs.

CH423 has a built-in current drive circuit that offers a 15mA continuous drive current, which can statically drive 24 LED tubes or dynamically drive 128 LEDs. This CH423 I2C to GPIO IO expander is suitable for projects involving LED tubes, dot matrix screens, light cubes, etc.


  • 8 general input/output pins
  • 16 general output pins
  • Built-in driving circuit, up to 15mA continuous driving current


  • Driving LED lights
  • Driving Dot matrix screen
  • Driving Light Cubes


  • Power Supply: 3.3V~5V
  • Static Current: 1mA
  • IO Continuous Driving Current: 15mA
  • Communication: I2C
  • I2C Address: 0x20-0x3F(The module occupies I2C address of 0x20-0x3F and cannot work with I2C device in this address range.)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20℃~80℃
  • Size: 45*37mm/1.78*1.46”



Shipping List

  • Gravity: CH423 I2C 24 Digital IO Expansion Module x1
  • Gravity-4P I2C/UART Sensor cable x1




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