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DHT22 / AM2302 Temperatur und Feuchtigkeitssensor (Breakout)

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DHT22 / AM2302  Digitaler One-Wire Sensor für Temperatur und Relative Luftfeuchte.
Kalibrierter DHT22 Sensor mit integrirtem 8-bit Microcontroler.Langzeitstabilität, hohe Zuverlässigkeit,Signalübertragung One-Wire bis zu 20 Meter,geringe Leistungsaufnahme, schnelle Reaktion, sehr gutes Preis - Leistungs Verhältnis. DHT22 ist der "grosse Bruder" vom DHT11 mit erweitertem Messbereich und höherer Genauigkeit
Wird mit passendem Anschlusskabel (FIT0031) geliefert
DHT22 is a compound digital temperature and humidity sensor which outputs calibrated digital signals. Thanks to the dedicated digital module acquisition technology and  temperature and humidity sensing technology applied to the module, DHT22 comes with very high reliability and excellent long-term stability.
DHT22 includes a capacitive moisture sensor and a NTC temperature measuring element which is connected to a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller, resulting an excellent quality, super fast response time, strong anti-interference ability and extremely cost-efficient.
Compared with SHT10 temperature and humiditiy sensor, DHT22 enjoys a higher precision and lower price, making it an ideal choice for mid price range, high performance temperature & humidity sensors.
If used together with Arduino expansion boards, you'll easily get interactives of correlation between temperature and humidity perception.
Note: DHT22 digital temperature and humidity sensor is designed for analog sensor interfaces. The analog interface is used as a digital one which will not occupy other digital interfaces on the Arduino. You can also use the analog-to-digital-converting cable to connect DHT22 to digital interfaces.
  • Supply Voltage: 5V
  • Temperature Range:-40-80℃ / resolution0.1℃ / error <±0.5℃
  • Humidity Range: 0-100%RH /  resolution0.1%RH / error±2%RH
  • Temperature Response Time: condition: 1/e(63%)  Min 6s  Max  20s
  • Humidity Response Rime: condition: 1/e(63%)25℃, 1m/s in the air <5S
  • Interface Sequence: VCC,GND,S 
  • Size: 38 x 20mm
  • DHT22 sensor   x1
  • Analog sensor cable   x1


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