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GPS Modul ublox NEO 7M SMA IPEX Anschluss

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GPS Modul mit NEO-7M-0-000 von ublox mit SMA und Ipex Anschluss, Pufferbatterie und EEPROM
Spannungsversorgung: 2,7-5V
Default Baud Rate: 9600

Ausgang TTL 3/5V kompatibel


GPS module Minimum size: 23 * 17mm 
Dual GPS Antenna Interface: SMA / IPEX 
With rechargeable Electronics: accelerates startup 
With EEPROM: change the baud rate and other data can be saved without power 
GPS serial output of raw data, which can be accessed 5V / 3.3V single-chip serial resolve 


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