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Digital Colorful Flashing LED Module

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sehr nervige in zufälligen Farben blinkende LED. Wird mit zwei Anschlusskabeln (30mm und 80mm) und einem doppelseitig klebendem Gummi zu Befestigung geliefert.




Gravity Colorful LED is an LED twinkles with seven colors--the colors of rainbow.
It is easy to light up the LED. Turn on the power, then the LED will light up without programming. The built-in controller controls the colors and duration randomly, which makes it shine like a colorful star. Moreover, the module supports cascade control, only one interface can control all LEDs.
Gravity Colorful LED, simple but romantic, modest but tasteful. It is really an ideal light to create relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.

Note: It can’t control the LED color, but you can turn on/off with signal interface.





  • Input Voltage: 3.3-5.0V
  • Drive Current: 25mA (MAX)
  • Interface Type: Gravity-3Pin (Digital)
  • Size: 25 * 16 mm / 0.98 * 0.63 inches
  • Weight: 12 g




  • Gravity: Digital Colorful Flashing LED Module x1
  • PH2.0-3Pin cable (80mm) x1
  • Gravity-3Pin Scattered XH2.54 Cable (30cm) x1
  • Double sponge rubber x1



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