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Mini DC-DC Power Modul 3A einstellbar

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Mini Schaltwandler Modul, Eingangsspannunsbereich 12 - 24V, Ausgangsspannung durch Lötbrücke einstellbar auf 3,3V, 5V, 9V, 12V oder variabel per Poti. Ausgangsstrom max 3A (Dauerlast 2A). Wirkunggrad bis 97,5%

Abmessung ca: 20mm x 11mm x 5mm


Product Introduction: 
The maximum output current 3A, long-running 2.1A, sufficient margin. 
The new program uses synchronous rectification circuit conversion efficiency is very high, in turn 5V 0.7A 6.5V when efficiency up to 97.5%, 12V turn 5V 1A, they also reached 94%, unlike some peers efficiency is only 60-70% . (Efficiency test removed the input reverse polarity protection diode and fuse drop). 
Ultra-small size, 20 (L) * 11 (W) * 5 (H) mm, the whole network to a minimum. 
Output Integrated adjustable and fixed voltage, fixed output does not need customization, direct can be very voltage, potentiometer can adjust, versatility is very strong on the board under the spot welding 





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