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Differenzdrucksensor, Differential Pressure Sensor (±500pa)

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This high-resolution differential pressure sensor with I2C communication is used to measure the difference in pressure across two points on a device. A high-performance MEMS pressure chip and a special conditioning chip are encapsulated inside the sensor. It will give you a comparative measurement between two points. Besides, the sensor IC adopts a unique multi-stage temperature-compensation algorithm to reduce the effect of the environment on the sensor output.

Note: In order to ensure the measurement resolution and the sensor life, please use the sensor in the clean air. Do not let water enter the nozzle of the sensor, or it will cause damage to the sensor.




  • Multi-stage temperature-compensation algorithm
  • I2C digital output
  • High resolution


    • Home medical care equipment
    • Portable medical equipment
    • Medical monitoring 
    • Industrial control
    • Central ventilation system






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